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New pricing in Montreal!



You've been looking for affordable servers in North America but Kimsufi's "Currently being replenished" has been teasing you endlessly?

It is time to stop refreshing the page as OneProvider is proud to announce a new partnership with OVH Montreal (Kimsufi - SoYouStart.)

Find the configurations you've been desperately looking for now exclusively on OneProvider!

OnePanel's redesign is here!



It has already been three months since we have launched our new website. Today, we are happy to reveal our panel's new user interface! OnePanel received well-deserved love, and is now visually similar to our website. We have simplified the menu in the sidebar in order to better reflect your immediate needs, and refined the pages' design to please the eye.

To discover its new look, simply login to your OneProvider account.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



OneProvider would like to take this opportunity to thank you for this wonderful year and wish you happy holidays.

Warmest thoughts and best whishes for a wonderful season and new year filled with peace and happiness!

Our New Website



We are very happy to present you our new and refreshed website. This version now includes numerous new features, notably a shopping cart, a server configurator, a search tool, and many more! We've also improved the content's structure, making it easier than ever before to find exactly what you are looking for.

Head over to to discover our new website!

Reinstallation in Paris and Amsterdam



Here at OneProvider, we thrive to make our customers happy. For this very reason, we are proud to announce a feature that has been requested by many for a long time: it will now be possible to reinstall your Paris servers and Amsterdam Atom servers yourself, directly through OnePanel!
You will no longer need to open a support ticket every time you need a reinstallation!  
We believe this long awaited release will help you manage your server(s) more easily and make your experience with OneProvider much simpler.
To reinstall your server(s), head to your server list page in OnePanel, and select "Manage". You will find the reinstallation tab as well as the RAID tab, where you will be able to change your server's hardware RAID.

Reinstallation page screenshot

Reinstallation page

Hardware RAID page screenshot

Hardware RAID page


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