[Announcement] OnePanel 2.5.3

2016-08-01 16:49:00

OnePanel Version 2.5.3 has been released! This is a minor release!

  • A new account funds section has been implemented.
      • You may now add funds to your account to pay future invoices more easily.
      • When adding funds, a new invoice is generated and once paid, the credit is added to the account.
      • You will also be able to view your account balance anytime.
  • The whole verification process is now integrated in our ticketing system, making it more efficient than ever.
  • Pending Orders are now visible in the panel under Server List.
  • We have added a whole range of add-ons for the Paris and Amsterdam location.
  • Sub users permissions has been rebuilt from the ground-up. You may now assign a wider range of permissions to your sub-users.
  • OneClick Applications are now available for OneCloud
      • You can now install popular applications in just a click when creating your virtual machine.
      • Choose between numerous softwares, including cPanel and Minecraft.
      • Find the full list of OneClick Applications here.

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